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Marketing/Expansion Specialist




Job responsibilities: 1. Conduct market research, collect relevant market trends and analyze them to provide a basis for leadership decision-making; 2. Assist the leader in formulating market promotion plans and promotion plans; 3. Implement according to the designated marketing plan and be responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of marketing activities; 4. Track and contact customers, record customer feedback, and improve promotional plans based on customer feedback; 5. Pay attention to and grasp market trends, and pay attention to the activity dynamics of competitors; 6. Pay attention to budget control during the event, cooperate with other relevant teams to promote products, brand, and sales; 7. Actively engage in market development activities and be responsible for maintaining customer relationships in relevant regions; 8. Responsible for maintaining relationships with relevant media according to leadership arrangements; 9. Provide improvement suggestions for the company's products, services, and promotion based on market demand and customer feedback. 10. Possess good communication and coordination skills, majoring in marketing. Experienced candidates are preferred, with a college degree or above, accepting fresh graduates. (No experience is sufficient) Company benefits:

Marketing Specialist




Job responsibilities: 1. Understand the market dynamics of the responsible region, collect relevant market information, and develop a campus market promotion plan; 2. According to the marketing plan, responsible for organizing detailed marketing activities and effectively collecting customer information to provide sufficient information resources for the campus; 3. Responsible for collaborating with surrounding schools, obtaining supportive resources, and expanding enrollment channels. Job requirements: 1. Education level is not limited, and a marketing major is preferred;

Development purpose

Stimulate employees to their maximum potential and maximize their life value; Let ordinary people become extraordinary people.

Humanistic view

Respect, care for, and trust people; Developing people, achieving people, and making people happy

Talent Standards

Talent=Character+Ability+Performance+Cultural Identity

Training mode

"Talent cultivation mode": selecting seedlings, pairing, burdening, assigning positions, and bearing fruit